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June 14, 2017

Anh Luu of Girl & The Word

Anh Luu is a breath of fresh air. I stumbled across her blog and was immediately taken in by her adept use of colors and textures. I would describe her style as Bohemian Chic with an unexpected mix of airy neutrals, rich reds and browns coupled with vibrant pastels. I was immediately reminded of Justina Blakeny at The Jungalow, whose a design favorite. Anh’s blog is different in that she mixes two things that are the center of her life, design and faith. She manages to combine the two in a harmonious way that feels genuine. Get to know more about Anh is her interview below.


1. What inspired your blog’s name? I chose Girl & The Word because I wanted a platform to express my views on the Christian faith. “The Word” refers to the Bible :). Now that I’ve started writing about travel and design as well, many people confuse it with Girl & The World! Hahaha.
2 When it comes to design, do you have a certain aesthetic that appeals to you?
Definitely. I’m generally into the bohemian maximalist vibe, but I also find myself attracted to mid-century modern and industrial designs as well. I just don’t have enough self-control to recreate those looks– at least for long. All my spaces end up looking like a maximalist’s home after a few weeks!
3. If you had to live in a one room apartment, what color would you paint the walls and why? I’m actually moving into a studio apartment soon! I’m planning to use faux white bricks on three walls and a dark, tropical wallpaper on the fourth wall to create a more modern-bohemian vibe. Even though I consider myself to be a maximalist, I like to keep my walls simple so my other decor can stand out.
4. Have you always been into interiors and design? I think my sense of intrigue has always been there, but it didn’t grow until I realized that I can actually start designing myself. I was intimidated because I thought there were so many rules I didn’t know about. I mean, people went to school for interior design! I didn’t want to be judged for accidentally breaking an unspoken “design rule” or anything. All of those fears went out the door when I discovered people like Justina Blakeney, Jen from FleaMarketFab, and Carlie Summers. It was an eye-opening experience to see how these ladies continue to fearlessly express themselves through their home decor.
5. What do you use for inspiration before undertaking a project? I use inspiration boards such as Pinterest and Instagram to get me started, but once I get a feel for what I want, I start imagining different DIY crafts to pull my room together. I love the thought of making your own furniture rather than buying something that someone else already put together. I enjoy the challenge because the results make it all worthwhile!
You can visit Anh at her website, Girl & The Word and check out her gorgeous pictures on Instagram!
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