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June 15, 2017

Delightful Patterns & Pastels at Kip & Co

Kip & Co is an Australian lifestyle brand started by siblings Hayley & Kate and their best friend Alex. The line is filled with bright and airy pastels coupled with bold and energetic patterns. From colorful cutlery to tasseled throws and even quilted playmats for your little one, Kip & Co’s designs are always innovative and fun.

Recently, the brand expanded its online retail reach to the United States and we’re really excited about it! Get your hands on one of their gorgeous towels, handbags or throw pillows to add a bit of whimsy to your everyday life. Check out their line and see what you’ve been missing!

Our absolute favorite has to be the tasseled throws! There’s just something about them that adds so much dimension and texture. If we had to label the line, we’d say it strikes the perfect balance between boho chic and modern. Check out Kip & Co and add some of their off the beaten path accessories to your home decor!

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June 14, 2017

Kelley Barnes of The Style Barn

Kelley Barnes is a well known fashion blogger whose style speaks for itself. Strikingly gorgeous, Kelley dons the latest trends on her website, The Style Barn. On her blog, she chats it up with emerging designers, provides style tips and tricks and gives us a glimpse of her personal style.
With high fashion sensibilities that are distinctly set apart, Kelley mixes prints, colors, textures and shapes with ease. In her interview below, we get the deets on what trends she’s loving and what to wear when you’re pressed for time! Get inspired!

1. Were there signs that fashion would be apart of your future when you were younger?
Indeed. My mom dressed me to the nine’s; my hair and ensembles were always super cute. I’m thankful she had a sense of style!

2. If you only had 5 minutes to get dressed for a party, what would you wear?
A flirty dress with strappy heels.

3. What’s the one accessory you can’t live without?
I absolutely cannot live without earrings.

4. What trends are you loving this season?
I love the shirting trend; I feel like shirting will be trending for awhile. The embellished sandal is a fave, too. Del Pozo, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Zara have perfected said trend. Speaking of Miu Miu, I’m the proud of owner of their popular pearl-encrusted slides. They’re fun, and I always receive a ton of compliments when wearing them.

5. The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery. Is this a color you would wear or like more in your home decor?
Of course! I actually own a really chic, green swimsuit with a ruffled top. I also have a dainty pair of (mostly) green sandals.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?
Be yourself. Don’t strive to be like other bloggers, do you. Find your voice and run with it.
You can follow Kelley on her blog, The Style Barn or on Instagram.

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June 14, 2017

Anh Luu of Girl & The Word

Anh Luu is a breath of fresh air. I stumbled across her blog and was immediately taken in by her adept use of colors and textures. I would describe her style as Bohemian Chic with an unexpected mix of airy neutrals, rich reds and browns coupled with vibrant pastels. I was immediately reminded of Justina Blakeny at The Jungalow, whose a design favorite. Anh’s blog is different in that she mixes two things that are the center of her life, design and faith. She manages to combine the two in a harmonious way that feels genuine. Get to know more about Anh is her interview below.


1. What inspired your blog’s name? I chose Girl & The Word because I wanted a platform to express my views on the Christian faith. “The Word” refers to the Bible :). Now that I’ve started writing about travel and design as well, many people confuse it with Girl & The World! Hahaha.
2 When it comes to design, do you have a certain aesthetic that appeals to you?
Definitely. I’m generally into the bohemian maximalist vibe, but I also find myself attracted to mid-century modern and industrial designs as well. I just don’t have enough self-control to recreate those looks– at least for long. All my spaces end up looking like a maximalist’s home after a few weeks!
3. If you had to live in a one room apartment, what color would you paint the walls and why? I’m actually moving into a studio apartment soon! I’m planning to use faux white bricks on three walls and a dark, tropical wallpaper on the fourth wall to create a more modern-bohemian vibe. Even though I consider myself to be a maximalist, I like to keep my walls simple so my other decor can stand out.
4. Have you always been into interiors and design? I think my sense of intrigue has always been there, but it didn’t grow until I realized that I can actually start designing myself. I was intimidated because I thought there were so many rules I didn’t know about. I mean, people went to school for interior design! I didn’t want to be judged for accidentally breaking an unspoken “design rule” or anything. All of those fears went out the door when I discovered people like Justina Blakeney, Jen from FleaMarketFab, and Carlie Summers. It was an eye-opening experience to see how these ladies continue to fearlessly express themselves through their home decor.
5. What do you use for inspiration before undertaking a project? I use inspiration boards such as Pinterest and Instagram to get me started, but once I get a feel for what I want, I start imagining different DIY crafts to pull my room together. I love the thought of making your own furniture rather than buying something that someone else already put together. I enjoy the challenge because the results make it all worthwhile!
You can visit Anh at her website, Girl & The Word and check out her gorgeous pictures on Instagram!
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