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June 30, 2017

Helpful Tips For An Inviting Home Office Space

Gorgeous Office Space By Iris Nacole 

Whether you work from home or not, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated work space. The best home offices are separate from the rest of the house to provide the privacy needed to concentrate. While some people may not think much about it, your home office environment matters, from the lighting to your paint choices. These tips will help you create a home office that’s both functional and inviting.

Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color can be overwhelming because of the sheer volume of choices. Navigate over to Pinterest and search for home offices. You’ll find offices with various paint choices from navy blue to pale pink and everything in between. Create a Pinterest board with your favorite choices and narrow it down from there. Keep in mind that the paint color you choose is going to effect the way you feel. Pale shades of green and blue will create a calming atmosphere, while vibrant colors like yellow and orange will make you feel awake and excited.

Office Furniture

Amazon is great place to find various styles of office furniture and local retailers like Target may have a great selection as well. Make sure to invest in a comfortable chair and a desk that has some type of storage.


When it comes to accessories, it’s all a matter of taste. You can reference the home office you chose on Pinterest and duplicate it in your room. If not, search once more to find an office decorated to your taste. You can also form a style of your own by piecing different design elements from various spaces and fusing them together. Etsy is a great place to buy interesting accessories and it also gives you an opportunity to support makers from all over the world.

Cozy & Chic Office Space from Desiree Campbell of The 36th Avenue


*If you have the room, a small love seat with a decorative pillow and a woven throw will create coziness. There’s nothing wrong with using your home office as a place to get some peace and quiet.

*Add plants to your space to give it a fresh and organic touch.

*Mirrors can make a small space look bigger by bouncing around the available light.

*An essential oil diffuser will keep the air fresh and your spirits lifted.

*Make sure you have adequate lighting.

These are just few tips to get you started towards creating a home office that helps you to be productive and stay inspired!



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